Whether your choice is upholstered or non-upholstered chairs, our variety of chairs are developed with a complete understanding of ergonomic design and enable people to interact safely, efficiently and comfortably with their environments. Our upholstered chairs offer ergonomic support and stylish appeal, while our non-upholstered selections are easy to clean, and combine comfort and support with durability and versatility.

The BMP®51 Label Maker is a portable printer that can print labels up to 1.5” inches wide. It has similar features as the BMP®53 Label Maker, except that it offers a large display screen, built-in labeling apps, and other features that allow you to create labels without being tethered to a computer or other device.

General functions:

– 5 different thermocouples can be used (types J, K, N, S, T)
– Surface measurement currection
– Serial interface, device can be connected to bus system
Additional functions of GMH 3230:
– 2 plug-in probes can be connected and read simultaneously
– Temperature differentials


MTG is offering all established types of reusable counting chambers for sperm analysis. All chambers can easily be sterilized which saves cost for disposables. The table below is showing the details and features. Make your choice.

Manufactured to a world-class level of excellence and backed by an industry-leading 5-year vacuum warranty, these durable, lightweight units can be relied on to perform in the most demanding of environments.

LD Series

The LD Series of cryogenic dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen. The series includes a beaker style dewar with a wide mouth (LD5) and pitcher-style model for easy pouring (LD4).

New CO2 analyzer specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators in IVF, medical, research and other pharmaceutical markets.

This unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specifications requirements, that provide the user with a fast, simple-to-use and accurate piece of laboratory kit.