One Solution for all culture!

Commonly known as the “CUBE”, the AD-3100 provides the safest, most versatile solution for cell culture applications.

There are 4 SEPARATE CHAMBERS, TRULY INDEPENDENT AND OPERATIONAL as if there are four individual incubators set in one unit.

Individual temperature control with 4 separate gas mixing systems in the back, all protected by an alarm system set by default. 

The Cube has been in the market since 2010, and is well established in the US, Europe, China, East Asia and the Middle East.

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Optimum Environment: Distinguished temperature, gas concentration and humidity retaining with water-jacketed chamber.

User-Friendly: Automatic Setup Function for easy setup.

Cleanliness: Air filter (optional), shelves and all the other interior components can be installed or removed without any tools.

Precision: Automatic CO2 calibration (standard for Infra-Red CO2 sensor models) enables consistent and precise CO2 control. Automatic O2 calibration is available with the APM models.



MINI maximizes your lab.

The MINI provides more versatility with its size and compatibility with the requirements for a successful cell culture.

Each chamber is designed for both dry and humidified incubation.

Thermal environment is optimally sheltered with a heated top and bottom of the chamber.

An observation window is incorporated in the mini for a “non-disturbed” culture environment.

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External Dimensions (mm):  W292 X D392 X H166