Lykos - Hamilton Thorne

The Newest in Laser Technology for Clinical Applications

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  • 300 mW laser power and one microsecond pulse length
  • Laser and RED-i target locator built into 40x objective
  • Multi-pulse mode for fast and easy trophectoderm biopsy
  • High image quality
  • Improved working distance – use with or without glass heater
  • No laser alignment needed
  • Similar in size to standard objectives
  • Compatible with all major microscope models

Zilos TK - NextGen LIfeLabs

ZILOS-tk® Overview

Integrated Laser and 40x Objective Combination

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Compact, portable and unique! The ZILOS-tk laser is integrated into the objective. The ZILOS-tk laser-objective is attached directly to the turret of the inverted microscope, leaving both the fluorescent and filter cube ports open for normal use. The ZILOS-tk is compatible with all current and older models of inverted microscopes. This patent pending design is unique in that all components required are contained in the single module. This allows the laser to be aligned under strictly controlled factory conditions and locked in place, so that alignment on-site is not required.

The ZILOS-tk features a 300 mW, 1460 nm, Class 1 laser and a pulse length as low as 1 microsecond, which is far lower than typical zona ablation procedures require.

Ceros II

Save Space, Save Money

If you have limited bench space, a limited budget, or both – the CEROS is the answer for your computer assisted semen analysis needs. Providing the same sperm analysis accuracy and detail of the IVOS II, the CEROS II is a cost-effective and space-saving alternative. Since the CEROS II processor is a separate unit from the optical component, the computer can be placed under the bench and out of the way.


  • A high speed computer running Windows 7
  • A negative phase contrast trinocular microscope (choice of Zeiss or Olympus)
  • A high resolution digital camera (analog camera is used for legacy Version 14 software)
  • A 24″ widescreen monitor
  • Mouse and keyboard

A Sleek New Look plus Powerful Features Designed to take CASA into the Future.

This hardware with intuitive Windows-based software promotes fast learning and quickly increases the confidence level of users. With a minimum investment of time, even users unfamiliar with computers will be performing fast, accurate and reliable sperm analyses.