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Development history
Since 1977 we have cultured human germ cells. During our pioneering period we learned much about the conditions, which are needed for the growth of germ cells. It is essential, that the temperature, the pH, the osmolality and sterile environment be kept under strict control.

We changed the set-up of existing sterile laboratory benches and started building-in heated table surfaces. Later on we changed the design of the benches. We started adding stereo microscopes directly on the disk at the level, where the cultures are handled.

In the later years we have initiated a company – founded on the pleasure and ability to dynamically change the settings of most of our laboratory equipment – including the laboratory sterile bench.

Flowbench with aluminium tabletop
Our latest development in functional design is to exchange the stainless steel with a thick aluminium desk, to achieve a better and more uniform heated surface of the bench. Together with the build-in last generation stereo microscope, we obtain magnifications matching the quality from inverted microscopes.

The aluminium surface gives a better light than the stainless steel surface, as it almost does not reflect illumination.

To secure the temperature in all phases, when the oocytes and embryos are outside the incubator, the new bench also has heated CO2 flow to equilibrate and condition the media, while used in the sterile bench.

After the CO2 conditioned air has passed through the IVFtech sterile bench, the air is humidified in a preheated humidifying flask. The CO2 air inlet is controlled by valves mounted in the back of the bench.

Standard stainless steel bench
In addition to this new model IVFtech produces a standard sterile bench with a desk constructed in stainless steel and with the usual heating tubes built-in.

In this model the air inlet is not preheated. The heating of the desk is obtained by circulating water from a digitally controlled water bath.

Size and equipment
Both benches are available in different sizes, typical 120 cm or 180 cm wide. The microscopes – types and location – are built in according to customer’s wish.



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A careful gamete and embryos manipulation has always been a key element of laboratory embryology and has contributed substantially to the success of many assisted reproduction procedures. Suboptimal in vitro conditions may both distress the competence to develop in vitro and lead to irreversible long-term alterations in the characteristics of the foetal and post natal growth. Therefore caution should be taken in the handling and manipulation of the oocytes and early embryos in order to achieve a stable biological optimal atmosphere, which creates optimal conditions for embryo growth.

The employment of IVF controlled-atmosphere workstation has been proposed in order to meet the special requirements of oocyte and embryo handling during IVF daily routine.

This self-contained chamber reproduces the incubator conditions allowing the embryologists to perform oocytes and embryos manipulations while minimizing even slight alterations of the environmental conditions (temperature changes, gas composition, culture medium osmolarity and pH) and preserving the embryo developmental potential.