OCTAX Product Line


Happy 10th anniversary to the world´s first digital laser system OCTAX Laser Shot™ Designed by the inventors of Fertilase® – the pioneering laser for safe zona microdrilling- OCTAX Laser Shot™ sets the standards for assisted hatching and PGD. Its precision and reliability has been the solid ground for the world´s most used laser system in human ART.


The new OCTAX NaviLaseTM evolves from the enduring success story of the OCTAX Laser ShotTM system. OCTAX NaviLaseTM combines proven safety and innovative laser motion technology. Adapted to a modern IVF microscope, OCTAX NaviLaseTM operates in your mode of choice, either statically or dynamically without any need for recalibration.


OCTAX EyeWare™ Basic is an imaging and archival software which combines ease of use and functionality in controlling accessories of your microscope. The OCTAX Eye™ digital camera delivers images of highest quality, assuring authentic documentation. The integrated database links images and videos to patient data and comments by just a few mouse clicks, helping you to keep the track.


OCTAX polarAIDE™ is the solution for routine spindle and zona analysis in the IVF lab. Oocytes´ quality is evaluated by polarAIDE´s unique “automatic zona scoring”. An innovative tool identifies the oocyte´s zona pellucida and measures its birefringence properties. Data are converted into a quality score based on OCTAX´s validated and patented algorithm. Analysis is done fully automatic and user independent and takes only a few seconds per oocyte. Use our cutting edge technology to identify the most promising oocytes resulting in the best embryos for transfer.


– Secure transport of cells without electric mains and CO2 connection
– Factory-aligned parameters: 37 °C and 5 % CO2
– Different temperature or CO2 concentration possible (to be advised before order)
– Operation at 12 V car voltage possible
– Use of different heating blocks
– Easy handling and cleaning
– Compact Design


Traditionally, the contrast patterns of microscope condensers have to be actively selected by the operator. Adjusting conventional condensers to different applications as well as aligning the inserts of those condensers can be cumbersome.

In search of making A.R.T. microscopy most user-friendly, OCTAX has developed the Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM.


Maintaining optimum image quality on an IVF microscope is of utmost importance for perceiving critical details like sperm morphology or the nuclear constitution of pronuclear stages and early embryos. Having appropriate resolution and contrast on conventional ICSI stations means turning the condenser wheel whenever the lens / magnification is changed.


The maintenance and control of all culture and storage parameters in IVF and cryopreservation labs are key elements of quality management systems and various directives. OCTAX Log & Guard™ is the first monitoring and alarming system which has been specially designed to cover all needs of assisted reproduction. Whether you need to survey incubators (temperature, pH or CO2) or fridges, freezers and LN2 storage tanks (temperature) – free your mind as OCTAX Log & Guard™ keeps track of optimal conditions!