PureSperm ®100 is a sterile (autoclaved SAL-10-3) colloidal silica suspension in an isotonic salt solution. It is optimised for the preparation of density gradients for the separation and purification of human sperm for use in Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART).

Features of PureSperm ® 100 Gradient:

  • Increases sperm survival time
  • Removes sources of ROS
  • Removes bacteria
  • Removes sperm with abnormal DNA
  • Improves cryo-survival
  • Improves yield and recovery compared to swim-up techniques

Safety and Quality:

  • Longest shelf life of commercially available gradients
  • Pharmaceutical grade packaging to maintain product quality
  • Terminal sterilization by autoclaving
  • Cleared by regulatory authorities around the world
  • Produced according to cGMP and ISO standards

PureSperm ® 100 stock suspension should be diluted with PureSperm ® Buffer to provide layers of different densities required for the gradient. For optimum results, the sperm pellet should be washed in PureSperm ® Wash. These three products together form an optimized system for preparation of sperm for ART.

All the advantages of a PureSperm ®100 gradient PLUS ready-diluted to save preparation time! PureSperm® 40 and PureSperm ®80 are formulated to minimize sudden pH and osmolarity changes during the transition of sperm from semen sample to the fertilization medium. This helps to avoid premature hyperactivation and improves fertilization potential. PureSperm® 40 and PureSperm ®80 maintain pH between 7.4 – 7.8 at room temperature and at 37°C, providing suitable conditions for good sperm motility, survival time, and fertilization potential.

The gradient enables motile sperm to be separated from extraneous cells and seminal plasma. In addition, damage to sperm DNA and structural molecules caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) is minimized by the effective removal of immature sperm and lymphocytes. Bacteria, epithelial cells, and cell debris are also separated from the motile sperm, which can be difficult to achieve in polysucrose based gradient preparations.

Dilutions of 40, 80, and 90 are also available individually. 

PureSperm® Wash is a three-in-one-product. It is optimised for washing the sperm pellet recovered from density gradient preparation for use in swim-up procedures as an extension of sperm prior to Intra Uterine Insemination or as a maintenance medium.

Due to the stable formulation the shelf-life is as long as 1 year PureSperm® Wash does not contain any coloring agents or preservatives, which can be toxic to sperm.

PureSperm® Wash is a balanced salt solution containing EDTA and human serum albumin. PureSperm® Wash is designed specifically for washing the sperm pellet obtained from a PureSperm® gradients.

Pack size and catalogue number:

100ml NI PSW-100
2 x 20ml NI PSW-020

Until now, the only products available for slowing sperm motility contained polyvinylpyrrolidone. Clinicians are concerned that injecting this artificial product into the oocyte along with the sperm may cause damage to acrosomal, mitochondrial and plasma membranes, as well as to the chromosomal DNA.

Now clinicians have an alternative method for modulating sperm motility.

Due to the stable formulation the shelf-life is as long as 1 year, SpermCatch ™ contains only substances normally found in the mammalian reproductive tract. Exposure of sperm to SpermCatch™, not only slows sperm, but also mimics the naturally occurring sequence of events during in vivo fertilization.

Pack size and catalogue number:

6 x 100ul NI SC-100

Many clinicians in small clinics or private practices are looking for a safe and effective method of preparing sperm for intra-uterine inseminationsafe and effective method of preparing sperm for intra-uterine insemination.

They are unsure of their ability to layer a density gradient correctly to achieve optimal results. However, they also know the “swim-up” does not remove sperm with abnormal morphology or damaged DNA, and does not separate out bacteria and viruses from the sperm preparation. So what should they use?

Now there is an alternative method of preparing human sperm for IUI – the PureSperm® SpeediKit. The kit
contains sufficient sperm preparation materials for ten patients, already dispensed in Type 1 glass centrifuge tubes. In addition, we provide 10 semen collective tubes, one for each patient, and empty tubes to balance the centrifuge rotor.


  • Sodium chloride
  • Potassium chloride
  • Magnesium sulphate
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • EDTA
  • hSA Human serum albumin
  • Sodium citrate
  • Glucose
  • Calcium lactate
  • Sodium pyruvate
  • Purified water
  • Silane-coated silica
  • Tubes and stoppers are M.E.A. tested
  • Storage and Stability
  • Store at 2 to 30ºC and avoid temperatures above or below these values. Under these conditions the contents of the kit have a shelf-life of minimum 12 months from production. The expiry date is shown on both tubes and cartons. Shelf-life on the product label applies when the product is stored according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • No antibiotics, unstable additives or preservatives have been added by the manufacturer to PureSperm®SpeediKit

Precautions and Warnings

  • When retrieving the sperm pellet, follow the instructions given in the pack insert to avoid inadvertent contamination
  • Use aseptic procedures at all times
  • If available, use sealed buckets during centrifugation to avoid creation of aerosols
  • Clean accidental spills using a dampened cloth or paper. PureSperm®SpeediKit causes floors and benches to be extremely slippery
  • PureSperm® SpeediKit does not represent any kind of fire or combustion hazard. A material safety data sheet is available from the distributor or manufacturer(see nidacon.com)
  • Do not use any solution which shows evidence of bacterial contamination
  • Do not use contents if tamper-evident seal is broken
  • Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician
  • Please check for regulatory compliance governing the use of ART products in your country

Recommendations for viscous samples

It can be extremely difficult to obtain good yields of motile sperm from highly viscous semen samples. Nidacon has developed a method that could be helpful to you in the lab. You simply add PureSperm®Buffer to the ejaculate, incubate at 37°C for 15-30 minutes and the sample is ready to use. This will give you a much higher proportion of motile sperm.

Pack sizes and catalogue number:

Kit supplied ready to use for 10 patients
Cat No. NI PSSK-010

TGA Registration ID 152738

Some procedures for IVF and ICSI use an oil overlay to protect small volumes of culture medium from evaporation in the incubator and to help dampen the effects of sudden changes in temperature, gas saturation, and pH. Likewise, gamete manipulation under the microscope requires the gametes to be held in small drops of medium under oil, to maintain a constant environment within the culture medium.

NidOil ™ is a paraffin oil product designed with gametes and embryos in mind. The oil is neither sticky nor too viscous, to facilitate pipetting, but is sufficiently viscous to prevent movement of the drops of media around the culture dish.

There have been several reports of paraffin oils becoming embryo-toxic after exposure to light on the laboratory bench. As a precaution against any light-induced changes, NidOil ™ is supplied in amber, screw-top bottles.

Pack sizes and catalogue number:

100ml NI NO-100
300ml NI NO-300

TGA Registration ID 154295

Extremely cost effective due to a solution to sperm sample ratio of 1:3.

Sperm Cryoprotec II is an optimized solution for protecting human sperm from the damaging effects of freezing and thawing. The solution contains osmotically active ingredients to reduce intracellular water, and cryoprotectants to reduce injury caused by ice crystal formation.

Freezing solutions for sperm traditionally contain egg yolk and glycerol. Clinicians are now questioning the wisdom of exposing human sperm for ART to exogenous sources of protein, such as egg yolk. Furthermore, high concentration of glycerol can be toxic to sperm.

Pack size and catalogue number:

2 x 20ml NI SCP-020

The Nidacon Sperm VitalStain ™ contains both eosin and nigrosine. It is an optimised staining technique for assessment of sperm vitality, which is one of the basic tools used in semen analysis. The technique is based on the principle that dead cells (i.e. those with damaged plasma membrane) will take up the eosin and stain red. Nigrosine is used as a counterstain to facilitate visualization of the unstained (white) live cell.

Pack size and catalogue number:

2 x 10ml NI SVS-010

The Nidacon Sperm MorfoStain ™ is a classical Romanovsky type stain. It is a one step stain optimised for assessment of sperm morphology, which is one of the basic tools used in semen analysis. The technique is based on the principle that the sperm will be stained in a darker colour (blue) and the backround will be lighter and therefore the shape, size and integrity of the sperm can easily be seen in oil immersion under a microscope.

Pack size and catalogue number:

250ml NI SMS-250

The cryoprotectants used for vitrification are a combination of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), Ethylene Glycol, Sucrose and Ficoll. Nidacon’s VitriBlast ™ for cooling and ThermoBlast™ for warming, can be used with different types of vitrification-devices (cryo-loop, cryo-top and others).


VitriBlast ™ and ThermoBlast ™ vitrification media optimised for blastocysts are based on well tested standard formulations (Lane et al). Since the formulations have been used considerably, Nidacon can provide you with a very detailed protocol for vitrifying blastocysts, just for your security.

Pack sizes and catalogue numbers:

VitriBlast Kit 3 x 10ml NI VBK-010
ThermoBlast Kit 4 x 10ml NI TBK-010

TGA Registration ID 275716.

This novel device consists of an insert within a centrifuge tube.

The outer chamber of the ProInsert is designed for easy layering of PureSperm and for adding the semen sample on the gradient prior to centrifugation.

  “You will achieve a very clean preparation, and avoid the risk of recontamination.”

During preparation of sperm from a semen sample using a density gradient separation, the ProInsert facilitates both the gradient preparation and the pellet retrieval.

The central channel is designed for the safe and easy removal of the sperm pellet after centrifugation. You will achieve a very clean preparation, and avoid the risk of recontamination.

As users have confirmed it takes half the time to prepare a sample using the ProInsert compared to the standard method for density gradient preparations.

  • Easy to use
  • Minimises risk of recontamination
  • Supplied with optimised tubes and pipettes
  • Designed for use with the PureSperm products
  • Well documented safety benefits
  • Gamma sterilized and mouse embryo tested

Ordering information 5 Sterile one patient kits in each package.

Cat.no.   NI PI 15-5