AireGard NU-126 Vertical Laminar Flow

The AireGard ES 126 Vertical Laminar Airflow Workstation is engineered to offer a high level of protection to the product while providing a large work area and ergonomic benefits. A unidirectional, stable airflow minimizes turbulence while still creating the clean air environment needed for laboratory or pharmaceutical biocontainment research. Suitable for use with thermal cyclers, centrifuges, and especially ideal for IV and antibiotic preparation.


Our standard centrifuge offering includes ventilated and refrigerated centrifuges ideal for everyday applications in many different markets including research, medical, clinical and much more. These units bring the user variety, reliability and efficiency in a compact, high capacity system while optimizing routine throughput.


The NuAire NU-5800 In-VitroCell ES (Energy Saver) Direct Heat CO2 Incubator is designed to provide a reliable, controlled in-vitro environment suitable for growing tissue cell cultures as well as storing and preserving embryos, gametes and animal tissue cell cultures. This unit features a closed loop HEPA filtration to minimize potential contamination from entering the chamber, a microprocessor-based dual wave infrared (IR) sensor for controlling the CO2 levels and a state-of-the-art NuTough electronic control system for programming optimal environment conditions. We offer a number of optional features including the CuVerro® antimicrobial copper surfacing to kill bacteria*** within the chamber.