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Provide your lab with

continuous clean and virus free air.

Airthinx monitors and remediates air quality dynamically 24/7 in order to maintain a safe environment.

Airthinx is a 360 degree approach for continuous air quality monitoring and remediation that provides a safe environment with clean and virus free air.


 Airthinx builds confidence – clearly and transparently with tenants, employees, and building staff.

Viruses such as COVID-19 spread over the air via airborne particles. Airthinx’s solution mitigates and reduces the risk by monitoring and filtering the air.

Airthinx’s solution provides metrics for safety and building performance that can be part of SOPs or other health and safety standards while minimizing liability and risk exposure.

Integration with SAP’s platform enables more in depth analysis and risk mitigation.

How Does it Work?

an instrument for professionals

Air travels into the airthinx IAQ where built-in sensors evaulate its quality.

Data can be accessed online through the web console or mobile airthinx app, anytime, anywhere.

Built-in connectivity enables wirelessly sending data to the cloud.

At a glance, see the air quality conditions in your space via the LED light on the airthinx IAQ device or the AQ score presented as a color-coded circle on the app, letting you know the moment air quality conditions become unsafe or toxic.

Setup in 3 Simple Steps

Easy as that

Mounting the Device

Using screws or double-sided tape, mount the base to the wall 3-5 feet high in the "breathing zone", and attach airthinx™ to the base.

Powering the Device

Connect the usb cable to the port underneath the airthinx™. For hardwiring, connect the usb cable to the port on the back of the airthinx™. Plug the other end of the USB cable into the power adapter and into a power source.

Access Your Data

Register your account by following the link in the welcome email. Download the airthinx™ app or visit airthinx.io and click on "console", to access your data. For any questions contact support@airthinx.io or click on the chat icon on airthinx.io.


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