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The ICSI Temperature and CO2 enclosure maintains a stable and uniform temperature and CO2 concentration all around the ICSI workstation.


Temperature is controlled by recirculating a stream of warm air inside the enclosure. Temperature accuracy is achieved by providing feedback from a temperature sensor placed inside the enclosure. Temperature uniformity is achieved by dual input / output air channels and by the action of the flow diffusors.


CO2 is controlled by gently infusing CO2 into the enclosure and by measuring gas composition with a Dual Beam Infra Red sensor conveniently placed inside the enclosure.


Ergonomic design allows free access to microinjection joysticks.



Uniform temperature within the enclosure thanks to dual input / output channels and flow diffusors

Hepa filtering option on request

Stable CO2 composition, controlled with state of the art infra red CO2 sensors

Ergonomic design allows easy access to the sample and the microscope

Micro-manipulator joysticks not enclosed

Temperature Unit


Okolab ICSI T & CO2 ENCLOSURE employs a Temperature Unit that generates warm air to raise the temperature inside the enclosure.


Superior accuracy is guaranteed by the interplay of three sensors: two for temperature and one for flow rate. The temperature sensors monitor temperature inside the enclosure and inside the Air Heater. The flow rate sensor controls the rate at which warm air enters the enclosure and ensures smooth operation and fast heating. A proprietary smart algorithm determines the minimum flow rate necessary to maintain the controlled temperature at the set point value.



Temperature range: from 3°C above ambient to 45°C

Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C

# 2 Temperature sensors: in the enclosure and inside the air heater

# 1 Flow rate sensor inside the air heater

Operated via touch screen interface OKO-TOUCH

Double air input and output with flow diffusors ensures best temperature uniformity inside the enclosure

Low energy consumption thanks to warm air recirculation

Hepa Filtering Unit - Optional

Compatible with SMART BOX data logger - Optional

Alarm Buzzer and External Alarm Connector



The CO2-CONTROLLER-BL connects to the Temperature Controller via a cable-less connector and is operated through the same touch screen interface OKO-TOUCH.



CO2 sensor accuracy: 0.1%

CO2 range: 0-18%

CO2 sensor: 10 year-life Non Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) dual wave length detector

CO2 Sensor calibration routine with external meter or calibration gas

Set Point Resolution: 0.1%; Repeatability: better than 0.1%

input: 100% CO2 as input

Touch Screen Interface - OKO-TOUCH

Programmable CO2 cycles

Compatible with SMART BOX for data logging and remote operation - Optional

Data Logging via OKOLAB Data Log Software - Optional

Alarm Buzzer and External Alarm Connector

SDK available for integration in third party software

CO2-O2-MODULE in Tri-Gas mixer



OKO-TOUCH is an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. It connects to any one of the Bold Line Controllers, detects all equipment in the system and displays all functions supported by the equipment detected.

It Allows to:


Turn all Bold Line Controllers on/off

Define set point values

Set flow rates of the Temperature Unit

Set flow rates gas controller

Define gas cycles of gas controller

Select sample or enclosure feedback mode

Display all set points and measured parameters

Run self calibration procedures

Smart Box


Smart Box connects to the Bold Line Controller and provides the following features:



Data Logging

Remote Operation of the incubator via Internets, Tablet or SmartPhone

Video Streaming server

Remote assistant

"Okolab is a provider of complete and reliable solutions for Live Cell Microscopy"


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