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Glass/Metal Heater for Microscopes

Ensure more accurate and more reliable thermal control of the specimens during the observation under a microscope.

Wide product range supports the IVF market.

Compact Controller

Miniaturize the controller to as same size as smart-phone

It is very useful for space saving in the clean bench.


Controller dimensions:W85×D135×H30 (mm)

Size:232 (㎤)  Weight:170 (g)

10 Year Free Repair Service for Glass Breakage

Applied strengthen glass or hard glass for the glass heater and with 10 year free-repair service for glass breakage.

No more glass breakage and no more stopping your experiment.

*1. Depending on the model

Plate LED Indicator

Plate LED Indicator visualizes the plate condition by not seeing the controller.

One-Touch Calibration

Easy calibration to set the suitable PID value on your usage environment is available with just one-touch.

Tokai Hit’s ThermoPlate is calibrated with the controller and the plate as a set

to make the center of the plate temp. to be at 37.0℃ when the room temp. is 25℃±2℃ prior to the shipping.

Continuous Current Control

In addition to PID control, Continuous Current Control minimizes the focus drift generated by thermal expansion and it also prevents light intensity change compared to the conventional ON/OFF control.

Simple Temperature Measurement

Attached sterilized sensor can measure the actual temperature and correct the plate suface temperature.  Enable to monitor and log the data of temperature which the sensor measures.

Heated Glass / Metal Plates

for Microscopes

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